6 Tips That Make a BIG Difference When Preparing for Your Session



Once your session is booked, these 6 tips will help you prepare.  First, jump on Pinterest and create a board of ideas that bring on a sense of joy for you.  What type of images are you drawn too?  Are the images you chose more classic and posed, or candid moments?  Knowing what you like best will help us to plan out our time together.  The more prepared we are, the more relaxed everyone will be during your session and we can get the perfect images you’re hoping for.



This is one of the BIGGEST struggles I hear.  What should we wear?  Use your house as your guide.  Afterall, these images will be hung on your walls as artwork.  You want to make sure they look purposeful.  If your living room is predominately neutral tones, you wouldn’t want images with everyone is bright pinks and blues.  Start with a color palette and begin choosing everyone’s outfits to fit.  Try to steer away from being too matchy matchy!  Think coordinated, not matching.  Play with patterns and textures to give your images more visual interest. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns too!  Finish everything off with accessories.  A sun hat for yourself, a minimal headband for your daughter, suspenders for your son, and maybe a vest for your husband.  Just remember whatever you choose to make sure that the clothing fits your style. Don’t choose clothes that are completely different from what you would normally wear.  It tends to make your kids grumpy.

Also, consider the location of our session.  If we are going to the woods, heels might make it hard to get around.  I love to have families interact and play during the session. If you have a short skirt or your clothes are too stiff, it might make that hard to do.  If you want your husband to swing the kids around or put them up on his shoulders, choose outfits that fit with that type of movement. The more you and your family can be themselves, the better the session will go. Remember really, when it comes down to it, your outfits should be a minimal part of the session.  We’re focusing on emotions and interactions!




Make your portrait day an event!  Get your hair done, schedule a manicure, do your makeup…all the things that make you feel gorgeous!  YOU DESERVE IT!  When you do the things that make you feel great, you’ll look beautiful when you slip into your clothes.  And since you’re all dressed up, make a plan to go to dinner as a family after your session!



Lay everything out the night before your session.  You’ll alleviate a lot of stress if everything is ready to go in advance.  This includes everything you’re going to need including hair accessories, jewelry, shoes, socks, and anything else.  Grab a hanger for each family member and hang everything that goes with their outfit.  Put shoes together too so that you’re not searching the house for a missing one.



Some of the best images are from the moments when your kids are just being their goofball selves. So, for the most part, let them just be themselves. I have worked with just about every type of kid so I’ve gotten pretty good at getting them to participate in poses while still letting them have fun.  I’m a mama too, and I know it’s hard to do, but try not to discipline your kids too much during the session. We want your kids to WANT to be photographed, so if they need a break to pout, snuggle, throw a fit…it’s okay!  The best thing you can do is just stay calm and roll with it.  Sometimes kids just need a minute. I’ve seen it all before, and if you just stay relaxed and let me interact with the kids, I can usually turn things around and get them smiling again.


RELAX And have FUN!!!

This is absolutely the most important tip! I want to capture your family loving on each other and having fun. If you’re stressed out, that will be next to impossible.

The one thing you can know for sure is that something will go wrong!  There WILL be something (big or small) that we did not plan for.  Maybe your husband comes home late from work, maybe your hair just won’t cooperate, maybe your youngest misses his nap and is in a crabby mood, maybe your teen wakes up that morning with a huge pimple.  RELAX!   While most things can be avoided by planning ahead, there are some things that are out of your control.  But don’t worry!  I’ve got you…we can work it all out.

Did you enjoy these 6 tips?  I would love to help you plan the perfect family photo session that results in pictures that you will cherish!  Contact me today to get started!

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