a very warm


hey there!

I’m Suzanne.

I’m a Texas girl turned Illinoian who loves to laugh (mom jokes), travel, and hang out with my family.

I’m a mama of 2 teenagers – one recent graduate attending ISU and a junior in high school.  I’m married to my best friend who loves to make us all laugh.  And we can’t forget about my fur baby Sky.  Just the sweetest and craziest Siberian Husky you’ve ever seen.

I grew up just north of Dallas in Plano, TX.  We moved to Illinois when my husband was transferred.  We found Sycamore and have called this our home since 2004.

My photography business started when my kiddos were just babies.  I didn’t want to forget a single thing about their littleness, their personalities, and their interests.  And now that they’re teenagers, I love being able to look back at those sweet memories.

When our daughter was a senior, I had the same mission…to photograph her senior year so that she could remember who she was, what she loved, the places she loved to be, and of course – her style.

Senior year is such a memorable and pivotable time in your life.  It’s so important to document these days!

a few of my

favorite things


I love love love to travel!  We’re an airline family so we have had the joy of visiting some really amazing places!  Italy, UK, Canada, Hawaii, Aruba, France, Germany…just to name a few.

these two!

These are my “babies”.  Doesn’t really matter how old they are…they’ll always be my babies.  Our oldest is in college and our youngest is in high school.  Man, time flies!  I am so proud of the amazing humans they are becoming!!  Love them more than anything!

my hubby & bestie

I’ve been married to my best friend and BIGGEST supporters for 22 years.

her highness..Sky

I love this crazy dog so much.  She is completely spoiled (sorry, not sorry).  She is a 5-year-old Siberian Huskey with the silliest personality.  We rescued her from Huskey Haven in Sycamore back in 2020.

Tacos & Fajitas

New Girl & Family Feud

Shopping!  I’m a Maxinista!

Musicals!  Hamilton, Les Mis, Wicked…love’m all

Sweet Tea & Sparkling Water

Hotel Pens…yep, I know…weirdo!

Sorting Socks in the Laundry

The word “ointment”….seriously, gross!

Waiting in long lines…I’m lookin at you DMV

Grocery Shopping

Humidity….just ew!

Diet Sodas

my goal for you

As a mom of teenagers, I know all too well how fast time flies.  It feels like once you get to the high school years, time moves in fast forward.  It’s a whirlwind of activities and emotions.  My goal for you is to create a senior portrait experience that makes you feel confident & amazing.  Let’s capture these days so that when you look back in 5, 10, 20 years, you’re taken back to this moment.

I’ve been there, and I know all of the feelings you’re feeling.  This pandemic has put a serious damper on all of the joy and excitement that you deserve as a high school senior.  You’re missing out on so many things that make this year the best.  While you may not be getting the school time you dreamed of, we can still celebrate who you are with a senior portrait session that’s made just for YOU!

sound familiar?

what mom & dad want

We just want to sloooow down!

“I can’t believe you’re already a senior.  Weren’t we just dropping you off at preschool? — How did we get here so fast?”

Can we get some nice smiles please.

“No more selfies with your tongue sticking out or trying to look like a super-model.  I just want to see your smile!”

We want nice photos to frame or put in an album.

“We really want to be able to put these up on the wall or in an album so that we can look back and remember these days.

what your senior wants

I want Gram-Worthy Shots

I want photos that slow the scroll on Instagram.  “TBH…ur like really pretty!”  LOL…but seriously, I want to look amazing.


I want use some unique locations...parking garages, alleys, or open fields with grasses...

“I want something cool and edgy that shows off my style.  I want to go to some unique spots that no one else uses”


I just want digital files so I can post them.

Can I just put the pictures on my phone so I can share them if I want?

I’m here to make sure you both get what you want!


Suzanne is AMAZING! Very professional. My daughter had a blast getting her senior portraits done. They turned out breath taking. I highly recommend Suzanne! She is wonderful to work with.