Senior Art Products

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creating tangible memories that will live on long after these moments have passed

In a world where we spend so much of our time in front of screens, it’s so important for us to be intentional in creating a tangible legacy for our children.  Memories that they can see, touch, and feel.  Heirloom art products that will tell the story of who they were when they were young. I am thrilled to offer my clients a full service, start to finish photography experience.  At the end of our time together, you won’t just receive a digital gallery or a USB full of images, you will have beautiful tangible photographic artwork for your family to display and enjoy. Heirloom art products that you will pass down for generations.  Choose from a collection of handmade European wood photoblocks, fine art frames, and heirloom albums & image box time capsules.

You might be thinking, “But what about the digital files?”  I completely understand the desire to have and store digital images.  Digital files are always a part of your collection during your ordering appointment.  And, when you Create Your Own Collection with a combination of photographic art and digital files, you will always receive all of the images from your session.   It’s the best of both worlds!  The important thing to remember is how fast digital technology changes.  You can’t guarantee the integrity or longevity of a digital file, but a printed image is archival and can last for generations.  I will help you get your images off your hard drive and on display for your family to enjoy every day.


Beautiful handmade Photoblocks are the perfect unique way to display your images in a complete gallery.  Photoblocks are unique ready to hang fine art linen images mounted directly to 3/4” wood block and hand sanded for a truly artisan feel. These images can be propped on a shelf or hung on the wall.

Fine Art Frames

Showcase your photographs in a beautiful archival fine art frame.  Choose from a variety of styles and finishes that will compliment your photo and your home decor.  Each fine art frame has a finished back that is ready for hanging or displaying on a shelf.

Heirloom Albums

Preserve your family portraits in a timeless and elegant album.  These storybooks hold multiple images from your session.  Available in beautiful textile blend linen or genuine Italian full grain leather finish.  These books can be placed on a shelf or displayed on a coffee table to be enjoyed.

Time Capsules

Exclusive time capsules are my absolute favorite signature art product.  A collection of 8 of your favorite mounted prints.  This gorgeous box comes with an easel that you can showcase and change out your favorites!  Use your time capsule to collect mementos and keepsakes throughout the year.

Canvas Gallery Wraps

Make a statement with a classic canvas gallery wrap.  A smooth, matte, archival canvas finish that is stretched across an “invisible” solid wood frame.  Canvas Gallery Wraps have a clean, frameless and timeless look that will fit any space.  Available in sizes 11×14 and up.

Digital Negatives

Digital Negatives provide a backup of your portraits.  When you purchased the full Resolution files as part of your “Create Your Own Collection” option, files are presented on a crystal USB in a keepsake box with matching 5×7 prints of all of your session images.

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