Family Photographer in Sycamore | L Family


I love being a family photographer in Sycamore.  This town has such a close and warm feel.  From the rustic barns to the charming downtown areas and beautiful parks, there are so many lovely places for family pictures.  Depending on the type of backdrop that fits your family’s style, there is definitely a perfect spot to let your family’s story unfold.

This sweet family is one of my absolute favorites.  Our kids have grown up together here in Sycamore and I love getting to hang out with them any chance I can.

When we were planning their session, I know mom was worried that she wouldn’t be able to find outfits for everyone.  We were able to pull together things they already had in their closet, and they looked fantastic!  We can spend so much time stressing over the tiny details, that we forget the most important part of taking family pictures…YOUR FAMILY!  Don’t let something like outfits keep you from scheduling your family portraits.  Remember, while you wait, your family is changing!   Worry less about having the perfect look, and focus on capturing your family in this moment, right now.

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