I-Phone Secrets for Moms

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I-Phone Secrets for Moms

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Summer is here and your family is on the go!  From vacations to days at the pool, you want to capture every last minute!  But what camera should you use?  You know what they say?  The best very best camera is the one you have with you!  Let’s face it, your iPhone is always with you, right?  It has almost become like an accessory.  Bracelet, ring, necklace, iPhone…check!   It’s always there.  It’s there to help you organize your day and serves as a boredom buster or entertainer whenever your need it.  But sometimes, that fabulous phone of yours can be a real pain when your kids all of a sudden decide to do something adorable, and you can’t get to your camera to work.

But, if you learn the fantastic features of your iPhone’s camera, you’ll be ready at the swipe of a finger to capture your kids cuteness.  On top of that, your camera skills will improve dramatically, and your pictures will too!   You’ll snapping pictures that you’ll love and can’t wait to print and share.

So, let’s get to it.  Let’s uncover some of the features inside your iPhone that will make you look like a pro with your family. 

Open your camera app FAST

Don’t miss a single moment. To get to your camera super fast, follow these one of these 2 steps.


1. Tap the home button

2. Find the camera icon on the lower right corner of the screen.

3. Swipe up & the camera will open.


1. Swipe Up

2. Tap the camera icon & the camera will open.

Turn on your grid

Activating the grid will place a “tick-tac-toe” box on your screen as you shoot. What’s the benefit? Where the lines cross is called a “power point.” When you place your subject on of the four points you create images with a little negative space and better, more artistic composition. A little pro tip that will make your images that much prettier!


1. Go to Settings > Camera > Grid > Turn it On

Adjust Exposure and Focus at the tap of your finger

Professional photographers know that the secret to a great picture is light.  Every lighting scenario has it’s own set of “rules”.  A camera doesn’t see and adjust light the way our eyes can. So, it’s important to be able to tell your camera how to react when you need it to so that you get a good “exposure.” One of the most challenging lighting situations is taking a photo of your subject against a bright sunny background. Your phone’s camera will want to make the background look good and most of the time your subject will be dark and mutt-led!  GRRR!  How do you fix that?  Use the exposure feature (that little sunshine icon) on your iPhone that lets YOU control how bright the picture is.


1. Open your iPhone’s camera

2. Set up your shot

3. Tap and HOLD on the screen where you want to focus.  The yellow box with the sunshine will blink and set focus.  The AE/AF wording will appear at the top of the screen.

4.  Swipe up or down to make the picture brighter or darker

5. When you’re happy with how it looks, take the picture!

Turn OFF your Auto Flash

Your camera’s flash almost never looks good. It makes a harsh, unflattering light that doesn’t always need to be there, even though the camera seems to want to use it all the time.  When you can, turn off the flash for more flattering light in your pictures.


1. While in the camera app, tap the lighting bolt symbol in the upper left corner.

2. Select and tap “Off.”

3. Take pictures that allow YOU to control the light.

Use Burst Mode For Fast Action

Want to capture your child doing a cartwheel?  Shooting a goal in soccer?  Blowing out their birthday candles?  Better be quick!  Did you know that your iPhone can shoot 10 frames per second in burst mode?  SAY WHAT?  The iPhone has burst mode?  It sure does! And it’s fantastic for catching your kids on the run.


1. Press and HOLD the shutter release button on your camera app (the button your press to take a photo)

2. BOOM! 10 frames per second!  Oh, and it sounds pretty cool too.  

Keep your lens clean

Your iPhone’s camera can be a powerful tool, but…if it’s dirty, it will have a hard time focusing and giving you the right exposure.  The best way to clean your camera lens is with a microfiber cloth.  Most of us don’t carry around microfiber cloths in our purse or pockets, so in a pinch, you can just use your shirt.  Stay away from things like paper towels or tissue paper that might scratch the lens surface.  


1. Use a soft microfiber cloth or lint free cloth.

2. Gently wipe the lens in a circular motion to clean away fingerprints and dirt.

Edit like a Pro

Taking the picture is just the beginning of creating print worthy memories.  Editing your pictures will make them pop and look even better.  Even pictures taken with your iPhone can be beautiful by using a great editing app.

Here are a few fun suggestions for you to explore:



Rhonna Designs




after focus


Ready to be in FRONT of the camera?

As fun as it is to capture your day to day moments, it’s also important to tell your family’s WHOLE story.  That includes you too mom!  Contact me to find out how we can work together to capture your family portraits this year.  Don’t worry I will make the entire process easy peasy, and an experience you’ll LOVE!


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