The Joyful 52 | A Year Long Journey to find Joy in Every Day Life

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The Joyful 52

Finding the Beauty in the every day details

Welcome to The Joyful 52 | A Year Long Journey to find Joy in Every Day Life.
I feel like I just woke up this morning and our kids are towering over me.  Our son just reached this milestone and he’s thrilled. How did this happen?  Wasn’t I just carrying them around on my hip and pushing them in the stroller?  We were singing, having play dates, and reading bedtime stories.  Now we’re shuffling to soccer, hockey, clubs, and other activities during the week and the weekends.  They’re having sleepovers and “hang dates” (because it’s not cool to call them play dates anymore.)
They have phones, followers on Instagram, and they care what their friends think.   Somehow I blinked and we went from Mommy and Daddy to Mom and Dad.  It’s all going so fast.  With all of this said, we love watching our kids growing up, and seeing the young adults they are becoming.   They are kind and thoughtful, smart and funny.  They are taking on life and discovering more and more about who they are and who they want to be.
Our computer has a fun slideshow feature for the desktop screen saver.  Some of you might have this too.  It cycles through pictures that we have taken over the past year.  Today I sat down and watched the slideshow.  Really watched it.  I was amazed at how much we had done over the last year and how much our kids have changed.  Most of the pictures that popped in and out were just quick shots that we had taken from our phones, and as the pictures were fading in and out I realized that THESE were my favorite moments.  I hadn’t drug out my “big” camera as my family calls it.  I hadn’t posed them and coordinated their outfits.  These were little snippets of our everyday life.
So, this year…I’ve decided to stop and enjoy these little moments a bit more.  Stop worrying so much about making every moment perfect and just document the everyday things.

This year I want to invite you to join me in a year long project of finding joy in our every day lives  |  The Joyful 52

Every week I will give you a topic or a theme to motivate and inspire you, but the idea is to take one picture a week for the entire year.  You can take as many photos as you’d like, but you must take at least one!I want to help you switch your focus. Let’s stop worrying about taking perfect photos of your kids and start capturing the every day moments. Capture the moment your little one has spaghetti sauce all over their face (and on the table, the floor, their clothes…)  Capture the moment they spilled their milk, drew a picture on the wall. Capture the moment they climbed up in your lap for one more snuggle before bed. These are the  real moments of life you want to remember. These are the moments THEY will want to remember too!  Capture it all.  The laughter, the tears, the excitement, and fears.  Embrace the imperfections and tell your family’s story.

To participate in The Joyful 52, join me in my Private Facebook Group, the Shutterbugs.  Use whatever camera you have.  From fancy to phone…just start snapping.  I’ve even put together a little guide for taking better images with your smartphone.  You can find it here:  10 Tips for Better Photos.  
Post your images on Facebook or on instagram and tag your photos with #skpjoyful52.

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