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Bringing your baby home from the hospital is one of the most exciting times for your family!  You’re finally all together at home.  I remember those first days Just watching your little peanut sleeping and grunting.  You just want them to stay this little forever.  During the first week, you may have scheduled his/her newborn pictures.  They will change so much during the coming weeks and they will quickly lose their “newness”.  Capturing your baby during his or her first week with professional portraits is something you won’t regret.  Whether you bound all of their pictures in a gorgeous album or choose an image to display as art on the wall in the nursery, you will cherish these photos forever.

As you prepare for your newborn portrait session, there are a few tricks of the trade to help you get the perfect cuddly images you’re hoping for.  You can’t predict or control how your baby will respond during their photo shoot, but there are a few things you can do beforehand to make your session run smoothly.  Following these will help your baby to feel calm and relaxed during his/her  session.

For Baby

  • Feedings – Plan to feed your baby 2-3 hours before the session.  That way, once you arrive at the studio, your baby is ready to be fed again just before we get started
  • Wide Awake – Try to keep your baby awake for the few hours before our session. This is super important. If you are having a hard time keeping them awake, one little trick is to give them a bath. Play with them, sing and talk. All of this stimulation will help to make your baby nice and sleepy. This will ensure your little one is ready for a nice long nap when you arrive, and we will be able to get those cuddly, sleepy newborn poses.
  • Diaper – Try to keep his/her diaper nice and loose. Doing this will make it easier to remove and prevent little marks on the skin.
  • Soothing – Bring a soothie pacifier along. These are the bendable green/blue ones that the hospital sends home (or available in most stores)  These are great because they can help soothe your little one without leaving marks on the skin around their mouth. Even if you are not planning to use a pacifier with your baby in the future, sometimes babies just need that extra element of comfort as we move through our poses.

For Parents

  • Dads – I love to photograph dads embracing their little ones. When choosing your shirt for your images, I ask that you choose a fitted solid t-shirt that is free of any graphics. White, charcoal, or black work best. Please also choose a good snug pair of jeans.
  • Moms – Motherhood is truly the greatest gift there is. Many times after giving birth, we don’t feel like we look our best, but your beauty and love for new baby will shine through. Rest assured, I will move around and use angles that are the most flattering for you and your family.  I recommend wearing a loose-fitting solid tank top in your images.  Choose a neutral color with a simple design.  One tiny detail to remember is your nails.  While color can be pretty, it can also be distracting in a photo.  I suggest choosing just a clear polish.
  • For Both – Be sure to dress in layers.  The studio will get pretty toasty!  Babies can’t regulate their own body temperature during the first weeks.  I keep the studio very warm to make sure your baby is comfy.

For Siblings

  • Sisters – I can proved a wrap that will act as the perfect top, to coordinate with your baby, or please bring along a snug fitting tank in a neutral color. I ask that girls hair be natural or in braids and free of large bows that can distract from their faces. A simple headband or barrette can be helpful to tame tiny strands of hair.
  • Brothers – A snug pair of jeans and shirtless is really adorable and a timeless look. But, if your little guy really wants to wear a shirt, a tight-fitting white tshirt is perfect too.

Checklist for the Day of your Session

  • Pack a spare change of clothes for both you and your baby just in case there are any little accidents.
  • Bring along a soothie (the little pacifier from the hospital) to give your baby a little extra comfort during the session
  • Snacks – Bring along anything extra that you like to snack on.  We try to be wrapped up by lunchtime, but it’s nice to have something to nibble on in case you get hungry.
  • If you are formula feeding, be sure to bring along plenty of extra bottles so that we can assure your baby is full & content throughout our time together.


I can’t wait to photograph your sweet little one and document their first chapter in your family story.  We can’t guarantee your baby will sleep soundly through their entire session. But, if you follow these steps we can make sure that he/she is content.

Are you ready to schedule your newborn portraits?  I would love to chat with you.  Click the contact button at the top of the page.

xoxo, Suzanne

Suzanne Krull is a high school senior portrait photographer located in Sycamore Illinois. Suzanne specializes in senior pictures and family photography in Sycamore, St Charles, Geneva, Elgin, Crystal Lake, Dekalb, Belvidere, and surrounding areas.