What to Pack for your Senior Photo Session


Your senior photo session is coming up and you want to be completely prepared and ready for the big day! This guide will help you with what to pack for your senior photo session and avoid any session day emergencies.

The Week Before Your Session:

  • Finalize the looks for your photoshoot
  • Try everything on.  Check yourself out in the mirror, and make sure you like how it looks, fits, and feels. Is it giving you the vibe you want to express in your photos?
  • Try to sit (on the floor and on a chair).  Is it comfortable and easy to move in?
  • Pick out and organize shoes, accessories, and jewelry for each outfit.

The Day Before Your Session:

  • Layout all your outfits and look them over to double-check they are full of variety and are the style you want to express in your photos
  • IRON YOUR CLOTHES and make sure there is no lint or stray strands.  I can’t stress this enough!  While I can definitely smooth out any blemishes you might have, I can’t iron your clothes in photoshop.  Make sure they’re pressed and on hangers.
  • Make sure you have the correct undergarments for every outfit.
  • Pack everything up


Packing up all you need for your session ahead of time is important to not only make sure you have everything you need but also to keep everything camera ready for your big day. Here are my top tips for packing:

  • Hang all elements of an outfit together. So if you have jeans and a top, hang the jeans on the horizontal part of the hanger with the top on top of that. That way you keep all elements of the outfit together.
  • Place jewelry for each outfit in a separate Ziploc bag. Then attach that Ziploc bag to the hanger of the outfit the jewelry goes with. This will make sure that your jewelry doesn’t get mixed up and you know exactly what you are wearing with what.
  • Pack all your undergarments together in a separate bag. Bring more than you need just in case.
  • Pack your shoes separately so they don’t get anything dirty.
  • Place all your clothing in a zip-front garment bag.
  • Be as organized as possible to ensure your clothing is camera-ready for your session.


Now that you know how to pack, what do you pack for your senior session? I’ve got a complete list for you below!


Senior Session Packing List

  1. Your clothes/outfits for your session
  2. Undergarments including strapless bra or stickies, nude colors for all undergarments
  3. Shoes for each outfit
  4. Jewelry for each outfit
  5. Accessories for outfits
  6. Props you want to include
  7. Chapstick or extra lipstick/lipgloss Lotion
  8. Water with a straw to keep lipstick on
  9. Snack

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